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We are a campus dating site helping students to find their perfect match.

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4 common challenges students face in college

The time you will spend in your college will remain as a fond memory. But the times are not always happy. There are many challenges a student must face when they go to college. Here are five common problems they face.

Time management


You need to give a lot of effort to your studies in college. Some courses may require extra reading, project completion, report writing, etc. Many students take only 15 credits in one semester, while others take more. So, it is very hard to manage time.



The tuition fees are increasing every year. You should add the housing, food, transportation and other costs to it. Studying in college is expensive. So, students often get into unmanageable debt. According to financial advisors, students should not borrow more than what they expect to earn during their first year in the job. But this is not always possible for the high tuition fee. Some students drop out of college as they fail to pay the tuition fee. Others get into part-time or even full-time jobs to pay their tuition fees.



When you are in college, many students live away from their family. So, at one point they get homesick. This can turn into depression and often hampers studies. You should make new friends so that you don’t feel lonely all the time.

Social problems


Making new friends is a good thing. However, spending too much time with them will have a negative consequence. You might end up partying all night and miss your class the next morning. If you get involved with the wrong people, you might end up taking drugs.

Students should learn to overcome these problems. They should be in constant touch with their family and mix with good people so that they don’t feel lonely. They should take decisions wisely.


4 apps popular among the college students for dating purposes

Apps are used for various purposes. Now apps are used for dating. Students are frequent users of apps and college students use the following popular apps.



It is a location based ‘hot’ or ‘not’ app for the iPhone or Android. Using this app, you will get to see the picture of another user who is nearby. You have the option to swipe right if you are interested and swipe left if you are not. This app is not appropriate for long-term relationships. It’s only useful for a quick romantic time.



This app sets you up with someone for the night only. In plain terms, it is used for one night stands. So, if you are just looking to have some good time for a night, you can use this app to find a suitable person for you.



It is a gay-only app for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices. Using this app you will be able to find male users who will be in proximity.



Though it is not a dating site, the app is very popular among the young generation. It is a photo-messaging service that lets iPhone and Android users photos and messages. A unique feature of this app is that your message will disappear after 10 seconds.

You can explore these apps in your mobile and use these to find someone to go on a date. These apps make it easy for students to find someone near them, allowing you to meet with the person quickly.

Top 5 first dating tips for college students

Getting into college is great fun and exciting. Many college students get into relationships after they enter college. When dating someone for the first time in college, you must keep certain things in mind. These are discussed below.

Find someone who likes you as a person


You should not worry about what your date might think about you. You should observe the body language. You can learn a lot of things about the person on your first date.

Show respect to each other


You should respect your date. See how your date treats others. It will give you an impression about how your date might treat you. You shouldn’t develop a relationship with a person who may treat you badly.

Find a person who will make you laugh


College life is full of seriousness. There is studies, career plan, and more. When you are dating someone, you should make sure that the time you spend with the person is full of fun. You should spend some relaxed time with your date.

Try to develop friendship


If you can build up a friendship with your date, your relationship will last for a long time. If you date someone in college, he or she may not become your spouse. But if you can develop a friendship with the person then it will last even after you get out of college.

Be relaxed during your date

Your date should feel during your first date. You should not check each other’s texts and indulge into interfering with other’s mental peace. You should focus on improving your relationship.

These tips will help you to survive on your first date in college. From there you should decide what you want to do next. If your first date goes fine, you may think of a second date.

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